Terms of Our Company

Welcome to Britain Loans – the company that provides Brits with speedy payday loans online. We encourage our clients to familiarize with the terms of the company to know about your rights and duties.

Common Statements about the Use of Information

In order to match the clients with direct lenders, the Company gathers personal information from the clients. By applying for online payday loans, clients agree to share this information with the third parties involved in the process.

The fact that an operator accepts client’s information doesn’t guarantee loan approval. The Company tries to find the right lender, who would accept the financial circumstances of the borrower. Still, only representatives of the lending network can make a decision. The Company carries no responsibility for accepted information and lender’s decision.

By giving information, clients agree that lenders will check out its validity. The lenders have a right to cooperate with national databases to find out details about client’s creditworthiness and credit history. Usually, such inquiries aren’t harmful to the client’s credit score.

Information to provide: name, telephone number, email, address, financial details, social security number, information about the job.

All information on the website is protected by the SSL protocol.

Details about Matching a Lender

Lender matching process is based on the information given by the clients. After the client provides personal and financial data and submits the request, the operator starts looking for the suitable lender. The Company cooperates with the large network of lenders. The requirements and standards vary from lender to lender.

An operator finds a couple of suitable lenders and shares client’s personal and financial information. Lenders are free to accept or reject the request. If the lender agrees to provide a client with a loan, a new page on the website is created. Here a client can track the process and receive details of the lending company/lender. After an operator matches a borrower with a lender, BritainLoans Company stops its work.

The Company isn’t a direct lender. It cooperates with a large network of the lenders that are free to choose the clients. The Company isn’t liable for damages, losses, and information issues that might arise during the process. The Company cannot influence payday loan rates and fees of direct lenders.

The Company doesn’t act as an agent of any of lending companies/lenders. The Company doesn’t recommend or advertise the services of any lending companies/lenders.

The client accepts that his information can be kept by the lender even if he receives a rejection.


The Company carries no responsibility for any changes or mistakes in the loan process or lender matching services. It isn’t responsible for any notifications as well as for any damages or losses caused by the incorrect personal or financial information. The Company isn’t also responsible for any technical defects.

The Company carries no liability for the outcome of the cooperation between a borrower and a lender as well as for usage of any piece of the content presented on the website. The client is responsible for the usage of the material on the website as well as for usage of advertising and other services offered by the third parties.

Trademarks, Logos, Service Marks

All trademarks, logos, and service marks presented on the website either they are registered or unregistered couldn’t be used by any user without a written permission of their owner. The use of any other piece of content presented on the website is also forbidden.

Disputes Settlement

All claims resulted from the errors, mistakes, losses and damages that the Company is liable for will be considered in the common procedure according to the arbitration rules that are valid currently.

All clients either they are familiarized or not familiarized with the terms of the Company accept them. BritainLoans.co.uk encourages everyone to familiarize with this page before applying for the services. The terms of the Company can be changed any time without any notification.