Rates and Fees

Britain Loans is not a direct lender; please, pay attention that it does not provide any financial assistance. Its purpose is to help customers find and get matched with the reliable UK payday loan lenders.  They cooperate with the Company, by means of BritainLoans.co.uk website and provide you with the best online loans in the UK. The Company renders the services at no charge.

The Customer should pay attention to the loan disclosure papers thoroughly; in a case of any misunderstandings, it is highly recommended to address to the loan lender and elaborate the details of the agreement with the loan lender directly.

Example Charges

Representative annual percentage rate (APR) is 2120% (Variable). In case the Customer borrows £200 for 30 days, the interest will be £58 and he will have to repay £258. APR can vary from 782% to 1564% or higher in some cases. To perform other calculations, please use the help of the estimator on the website.

Maximum Payday Loan Amount

The maximum amount of a payday loan may vary from £500 to £1000. It most cases the amount depends upon the lender, who is funding a loan. It is important to remember that the amount possible to borrow gets calculated from the Customer’s ability to meet the borrowed funds. The client’s credit score has an effect on the loan amount as well. You can learn more if you read Britain Loans FAQ.

Consumer Obligations and Punishment

The Customers will never be forced to sign any of the payday loan papers if they do not agree with the terms and conditions or do not accept the agreement. If the Customer is opposite to the agreement, he has a right to stop the process of approval any moment.

If the Customer falls behind with repayment date, he may be charged the additional fees or have the interest rate increased. All the possible variants of punishment for missing the payment must be written into the agreement the Customer signs up with the loan lender.