Privacy Policy

Britain Loans is the online company that helps to find payday loan lenders. Britain Loans isn’t a direct lender, though it cooperates with the large base of the lenders. By applying for online payday loans, the client accepts that the operator will gather, process, and share client’s personal and financial information with the third parties. The client agrees that the Company can purchase personal information of the clients from other similar to the Company’s websites in order to offer special propositions to the potential clients.

The Company uses Opt-In options to find out potential clients. It informs clients via email or phone about the possible services. The client can remove this option any time by clicking the Opt-Out button. The Company makes up the “List Members” and cooperates with it from time to time with the help of the regular distribution.

Once a person decides to remove information from the “List Members”, it will be directed to the affiliate marketer or vendor provided by the client to delete their information from these lists too.  Still, the Company can’t guarantee that no distribution will be sent to the client after deleting information from the “List Members”. Information can be purchased by the third parties that will keep on distributing information about products and services to the members of their lists.

Privacy Issues

BritainLoans gathers, processes, and shares information with the members of the loan process. It gathers personal and financial information to match the lender, to have a contact with the client, and to inform the clients about offers and products.

Still, the Company is responsible for not selling nonpublic information and sharing it with third parties that aren’t involved in the loan process.

Usage of Information

The Company needs client’s personal and financial information to keep a contact with him, send this information to the lender, and inform the client about the new offers and services. The Company uses information to verify the provided data: personal, financial, and employment details. It also needs information to make client’s statistic and improve the service.

Information is stored in the Company’s database until it’s necessary. All the information is used in accordance with terms and conditions of the Company. If the client wants to deactivate the account and delete information, he has to inform the Company about it.

The client can also use Opt-Out option to stop receiving information from the Company and third parties.


The client can either accept or not the cookies that are used by If the client rejects cookies, he still can use the website except for the certain functions.

Security and Liability

All information is secured by the SSL protocol. Still, the Company carries no responsibility for the loss or damage of the information caused by technical issues.

The website contains links to other websites. The Company isn’t liable for the content on the websites of the third parties. The client is liable for the usage of the content of the third parties.


The Company has a right to disclose personal information to the government and third parties under particular circumstances. Such circumstances are defined by the law.

Though the Company aims to ensure a high level of the information protection, it can’t guarantee 100% protection.

The clients, who apply for the services of the Company, must accept Privacy Policy and Terms of the Company. We encourage everyone to familiarize with these sections before applying for our services.